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Employer Services

Employers Services in Marlboro, NJ

My InstaDoc Proudly Provides Employer Drug Testing, Work Injury Treatment, Pre-Employment Physicals, and other Medical Services


Workers Compensation

CDL Physicals

DOT/Non-DOT Drug Screens

Employer Medical Services in Marlboro, NJ


Helping your employees stay fit and healthy is the key to maintaining a productive working environment. Whether you run a small business, or manage hundreds of employees, being able to address the workplace-related injuries or health issues of your workers is an important part of your responsibilities as an employer and can help you maintain a reliable and active workplace. You can ensure the health and safety of your staff by having a comprehensive plan of action in place for when unexpected circumstances happen.


Walk-In Clinic for Employers


At My Insta Doc Urgent Care Of Marlboro, we provide efficient and reliable urgent care services for employers that can help your staff get back on their feet. Our team is committed to providing you quality care and work injury treatment with short wait-times so that you can face those tough and unexpected workplace accidents with the care and attention that you require for your staff to properly recuperate.


Pre-employment Services in Marlboro, NJ


Our range of preventative health services makes us the smart choice for employers in the Marlboro area. Not only do we provide care for situations that require immediate attention, but we also offer pre-employment physicals so that your staff is at their peak performance throughout their employment. We also perform drug testing and other occupational health services that allow you to maintain proper health and safety in your work environment.

For quick and efficient attention to your workplace health issues in Marlboro, NJ, My Insta Doc Urgent Care Of Marlboro is your best and most convenient option. Call us at (732) 995-0165 to find out how we can help you today.