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Pediatric Urgent Care

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Pediatric Urgent Care


My InstaDoc is Committed to Providing Your Child With the Best Care Available”

If your primary care provider’s office is closed and you are simply unable to wait hours in the ER for your child to see a medical professional, why not bring them to our convenient walk-in clinic? With minimal waiting times and access to a full range of medical professionals, we offer a high-grade medical service that is suitable for any non-life threatening illness or injury.


Diagnostic Testing at Our Urgent Care Facility

In addition to the services of experienced, certified doctors and other medical staff, we can process a wide range of diagnostic tests on-site. This means clinicians quickly have access to the information they need to make an accurate diagnosis, and then suggest a suitable treatment. Whether a child needs a routine vaccination, treatment for a wound or has a fever which needs attention, our team can help.


Why Use a Walk-In Center?

We are open every day of the year, including early mornings and into the evening. Often children can get more ill quite quickly: what starts off as a stuffy nose can become a full-blown fever in just a few hours. Our center gives you the opportunity to obtain medical attention at a time to suit you, without the long waits which are almost universal at the ER.


Marlboro, NJ, Pediatric Care

From strep throat through to insect stings, cuts, sprains, burns, asthma, sports injuries and more, we can treat a wide range of unpleasant conditions. Our team is trained to deal with pediatric care, offering a patient, compassionate service that puts children at ease. To schedule an appointment or find out more, call us at (732) 334-6500.